Social Work

Lakewood Cares For Its Environs


“we understand the importance of living in harmony with our community”

At Lakewood School, we understand the importance of living in harmony with our community. We know the importance of giving back to the same community that fuels our success. We are currently involved in the below activities:

Community service: The school actively participates in the community activities around it. Such as cleaning, hosting health campaigns such as Dettol Handwash Challenge and charity walks

Sponsoring of needy students: The school has made deliberate efforts to help those students with needs. It is sponsoring several needy students in the school. The school also provides personal requirements (for example uniforms, stationery, text books and other items) to those students who cannot afford

In future, we are intending to hold:

  • Free medical camps for the community around the school
  • Free parents’ educational clinics

At Lakewood, we care for our community. We believe we are a product of the society in which we are living and therefore we cannot succeed in isolation. We hold every aspect of our surrounding very close to our heart. Our visitors are always welcome. We shall always treat them as long-term friends. We have an open door policy for all our clients and visitors.